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Tacoma Narrows Bridge Documentary Project

These podcasts are from programs produced about the building of the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Span to the Future from year one explores the history and development of transportation in the Puget Sound in Washington State.

Tale of Two Bridges, our year two program is a look at the socioeconomic factors surrounding bridge construction and the people impacted by the project.

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TNB Year 1.mp3

TNB Year 2.mp3

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Sports Training Today Podcasts

This series explores the evolving techniques and technology surrounding modern sports training programs and products.

SHOW #1 - Join former All-American steeplechaser, Coach Bob Williams, as he looks at the seven successful steps of a solid pre-race plan for anyone interested in becoming a stronger competitor.

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Pre-Race Plan.mp3

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SHOW #2 - Coach Bob Williams continues his exploration of racing psychology as he examines the ins and outs of successful race strategy.

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Race Strategy.mp3

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SHOW #3 - Rate of Perceived Effort(RPE) has been a conerstone in Coach Bob Williams' training regimen since his days with Bill Bowerman. Building strength and controling stress are key to getting you to and across the finish line.

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Smart Training.mp3

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SHOW #4 - The Nike Free 5.0 Shoe line is this week's topic with Doug Flick and Jay Rymeski.

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Free 5.0.mp3

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